Just Thinking… Maturity?

I hate the expression “grown-up.”  There’s just something about it that is so depressingly final. I don’t mean to say that I want to live a completely infantalized  life*, I am merely trying to suggest that the idea of being a “grown up” is a lazy slump…in fact it is more than that, I would suggest it is a totally flawed concept altogether.

So you are a grown up then…you grew all the way up – where is up though? What do you grow up to? Are you a fucking magical beanstalk? Have you grown all the way up to the clouds, and stopped there because you spotted the giant golden eggs?  I don’t get it! 

But why do we have this very final expression? It suggests that once we reach this rank we are all done; with nothing more to learn, no other ways in which we can blossom. And surely this isn’t true? Well of course it isn’t…you don’t stop growing, just because you stop growing physically…your mind wanders on, hungry – fucking starving in fact; for knowledge, for understanding,  and for enlightenment of some kind.

Instead, some people take it another way -and they choose to attribute the expression grown up, with children – as if it is a totally separate entity: we have the grown ups in one corner, and the children…the unfinished products, in the other. Sometimes a false peacemaker will come between the two – and suggest that the grown up, “says hello to their inner child”gimme a fucking break…you are not  playing the shitty parent role here, and this is not your unwanted child that you visit on the weekends you aren’t in prison – or say you will visit, and never show up…THIS IS YOU! There’s no tag given, no baton passed – and if there is, it is forced by sociological pressures in the form of expressions like “grown up”. 

We should grow up…but there shouldn’t be an end point in this life – the end point should only come in death. Then everyone can look at the huge, beautifully illustrious beanstalk, that stretched out high above the clouds and up to the stars, and stammer…”wowI sure hope my life reaches those heights someday, I am going to keep on growing. Let’s see what’s beyond these clouds.”