Rewards are Earned not given.

Just a thought I’ve been having recently that the old cliche ‘Rewards are earned” is really playing a big part in my school life. We as students are not given opportunities as we are advertised when we sign up to college. But instead the ongoing battle for extra-curricular help is current and forever will be.

Fighting for journalistic opportunities each and every day is tedious and draining but still i continue the struggle as it is my passion for life. Sometimes we stop and think to ourselves, why do we honestly bother? Whats the benefits of being persistent?

The answer to that question can only be found when we reach our goals, then we can realise how our achievements have resulted from persistence.

For me? The moment that I can sit down with my eyes facing the stars with a smile on my face is when I have become the sports journalist I aspire to be, when that will be who knows but i will get there, i know i will.


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