Jake Ness – Youth International Athlete

A star in the making
Jacob Ness, 18 years old, youth athletic phenomenon. Upcoming events include; 10,000 m Loughborough International; 400 m indoor nationals; British championships indoor and outdoor.

Hitting the athletic world by storm, Jake has been competitively training and competing since he was 11 years old in 2008. The youth star looks ahead to once again fulfil his aims of being a serious contender to the International Championships.

Since Jake was very little he has always had a passion for running whether that be at school during the local cross-country, or just generally watching the track and field on Television. He has always been enthused about all different types of running, in particular the 400 m was his favourite. It didn’t take long for him to get into the spirit of actually competing, in fact as a youngster aged about 12, he competed in the world Jr Championships of Great Britain, an incredible feat.

When Jake reached the stage of competing at national level he became dedicated to the sport. Jake trained six days a week as he does now. Training methods involved: weights, circuit, endurance, and even swimming to enhance his chances of increasing his level of sport and fitness.

The sheer amount of events that he took part of in the last six years is truly incredible. For a child so young to be so involved in international level is a huge achievement. The fact that he is winning these events is furthermore mind blowing. Jake took part in Bedford international championships two years ago. This was perhaps one of Jake’s most favourite moments in his career. By no means was this an easy task to complete in this level of sport so young, but this determined young man managed to pull off a first place victory at the event. An unbelievable victory to Jacob Ness.

Jake is not just some high-level runner at the age of 17, he is fully registered as an international level athlete. Www.Powerof10.com shows all of the athletes registered in the different sports. Jake Ness is fully acknowledged on this site and has his list of accomplishments which are almost endless. He has taken the youth level of sport by storm.

So what does Jake do for a living? You’d think that by his sheer level of commitment to the sport he would have no education or job. But in fact, he is like any other child or teenager. He attends full time education at his local college studying four A-levels, whilst still finding time to connect to his passion of running.

With Jake’s upcoming events in 2015 totalling more than six, Jake is set for the next year of sporting achievements. It is safe to say that Jake Ness is one of the rising stars in a generation of sport. With the rate that he is going, it would not be surprising if he made it to the Olympic Games to compete for gold medals. Keep an eye out and remember the name ‘Jake Ness’.

Written by Jonny Murphy


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