Just Thinking… Youth Nowadays…

I mean seriously, what on earth is happening to our kids generation? All I hear nowadays from my cousins and my girlfriends sister is that the swearing, physical abuse, and overall adult behaviour, is getting horrific.

Today, I walked into my local junior school. Now, usually I would’ve been greeted by open arms of cute little boys and girls with their ice creams smothering their happy smiling faces. But instead, as you can imagine it was almost as if it was a teenage area full of swearing and violence as you would expect to find in a rural area of London. A little innocent looking young fella barged past me shouting ‘F off’ to one of the teachers. I mean, what the hell is going on? I looked over to the teacher that he had sworn at and it was as if nothing happened, she didn’t even bash an eyelid.

Now, you may be reading this thinking that I am perhaps an exaggerated, Posh, Smart arse, but I’m deadly serious. I have heard more swear words in that classroom and junior school than I’ve heard in the middle of the pub with the piss heads on Saturday nights. Its  a joke.

I’m currently at college, and even I or any of my friends have not experienced anything like it. When I was in junior school and infant school, the thought of another girl kissing me was disgusting. I mean, I had friends with girls , but nothing more. However, nowadays its unusual for the kids not to have done anything sexual with their girlfriend before they reach year six. This is not an exaggeration, this is truth.

A young boy around my area, aged nine, has stolen from Tesco, sexually assaulted another young girl and physically sent a boy to hospital through injuries he has inflicted. What the hell is going on with society.

If you can give me a reason for this or find out any further information as to why it happens, then as always, let me know, because I truly have no idea.


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