About Myself

My name is Jonathon Murphy, the truth is is that I simply enjoy writing articles/blogs whenever possible and to have an opportunity to write for a local newspaper at this age has been my dream. If I had to choose a specific area of journalism it would sports reporting as I have always been classed as a sportsman, football and tennis have always been a big part of my passion and life.
University is an option ahead, but journalism is what keeps me in check, keeps me focused, and keeps me passionate about my future.



2 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. The question is whether or not formal training (journalism classes) are the direction. I wrote for my local newspaper for just over a year. I covered the education beat and the crime beat. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I was up early in the morning and didn’t get home until late in the evening some days.

    My topics were as varied as the news of the day, and when there was no news, I’d go out and find it. I didn’t do this as a spring chicken, but two years ago. Some of the news was difficult to write in an unattached manner: suicide by cop, severe child abuse, wrongful imprisonment (22 years), and more. Some nights my head swam with so much that I was able only to doze in bits and pieces until the morning sun.

    I did not go to journalism school.

    But, in hindsight, if I truly wanted to die a journalist, I should have. Why? Because the tradition of journalism is something to be studied and learned. Not just to be able to use AP Style, but to develop a habit of researching and writing on a topic in a way that is fair and unbiased. There is little of that today.

    Truth in journalism is a challenge every journalist should question himself on at the end of every day of writing: did I go after, research, and write about the truth today?

    I assume by your use of the term University you are from the UK or Europe. I imagine that the schools of journalism there are also steeped with tradition and value. Don’t shortchange yourself or your readers. If journalism is your passion, it deserves your intellectual attention.

    — SM

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