A short report on Burgate Events

The Burgate Open Evening

As per usual, the Burgate open evening was once again a huge success. With over 100 plus students alone attending the night, the entire lower and upper sixth buildings were packed with enthusiasm.
Teachers spent blood, sweat and tears, of happiness may I add, to make an effort on presenting each subject in its own unique way. Miss Cleveland, the beautifully attired woman in the image to the far right, used props from the schools drama section to present the room of English language between genders.
Kicking off the evening was an intriguing presentation led by the Leadership team of both the main school and Sixth Form, including our own favourite Mrs Burns, along with the booming voice
of ‘The’ Miss Fenner. Following this, the pupils, and the parents attending, were granted pure freedom to explore and roam the halls of the Sixth Form.
The image to the left of this piece is that containing Miss Bone, head of textiles. Wanting to make a big impression on the night, Miss spent the majority of her working day making the room look stunning, which in her defence, she succeeded magnificently.
The night was an outstanding success, with the School expecting once again, an overwhelming amount of applicants. Sixth Form proceeds to look like yet another scent of excellence from the upcoming students and teachers.
Written By Jonathon Murphy